Shopping while on the toilet!

This is slightly old news now as the piece was posted in November 2012 but it was November and not April 1st!

38 Million US web users have shopped while on the toilet.

This saddens me for a number of reasons.

How desperate do you have to be that you can’t even ablute without having the need to shop.

Who is doing research that needs to uncover this kind of information and why is it in any way useful.

I thought the digital world would be an exciting place. I am finding the opposite more and more. there just seems to be an unending thurst to allow people to spend or consume as often and as easily as possible.

I wonder where we might be if we put the digital world to a more productive use?


About commonsenseandadvertising

English male. Still with all my own hair intact and full set of teeth. Not sure about full set of marbles though.
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