Could insight from Dove Real Beauty Sketches help us understand why we have too few women leaders?

Could insight from Dove Real Beauty Sketches help us understand why we have too few women leaders? And how do we use it to improve the situation.

I know I am late to the party on both these pieces, Dove Real Beauty Sketches from last year and Sheryl Sandberg TED talk from 2010! Why we have too few women leaders.

It was the piece this year for Always from Agency Leo Burnett that reminded me to catch up. #Likeagirl

If you haven’t seen the Dove piece where have you been it has had 64 million views?

This is such an excellent piece of work on so many levels. Instigated by Anselmo Ramos, Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather. The casting was excellent both with Gil Zamora the Sketch artist, a forensic sketch artist in fact with over 3000 criminal sketches, but also the candidates in the piece.

Directed by John x Carey from Paranoid US.

Knowing the brevity of our attention span spent on sites and blogs this is definitely long form content at 3 minutes.
It was aimed at four key markets USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia, then uploaded in 25 Languages to 46 Dove Youtube Channels across the world simultaneously.

Apparently research showed only 4% of women think they are beautiful, the goal of the campaign was to convince the other 96% that they are also.

The piece has had it’s critics since but the question is still there surely.

Sheryl Sandbergs TED talk 2010 highlights other issues women face and why we have too few women leaders.


Finally, but by no means least, Always #likeagirl.

Fantastic work from Leo Burnett.

This demonstrates so creatively how the term “like a girl” is miss used or interpreted but also that somewhere along the way girls/women lose something themselves.

How can we use this insight? when added to the issues Sheryl Sandberg raises it seems there are even more hurdles to overcome?

How can we change that?

Who is going to grab hold of it and take control?

How can we help?


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