Castrol Edge Titanium -Virtual Drift

Nice new piece from Castrol. Part of the Titanium Trials series.

Castrol have combined real world action and Oculus Rift Virtual reality.

Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted display worn by racing driver Matt Powers takes you on another world piece of driving action.

Credited to Adam Amaral & Glenn Snyder Castrol’s “Creative Technologists”

What I like about this is how a brand that has little customer connection in real terms has used something that does resonate and excite.

I wonder how many people actually buy oil these days rather than have someone else change it for you?

So who does this work for?

Do we now ask for Castrol Edge when we ( eventually) get an oil change? It will be interesting to see. Maybe for Petrol heads, their core market?

There has been subsequent criticism that the final video had some considerable post production which may taint the whole piece but only you can decide.

The other version.


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