Has Behavioural Targetting(cookies) been implemented on Digital TV?

If this is old news I apologise it is news to me? I know Sky has very clever targeting but Freeview?

One of three things has happened.

  • Cookies or behavioural targeting has been implemented on Digital TV
  • I am watching too much TV
  • Muller ( pud corners and muller light ) have bought a spot in every fecking programme on Digital TV

Excuse my language but it had to be said.

Number 2 is not true unless 1.5 hours is too much.

Number 3 is possible !

Which leaves the big question, I can hear you asking, if number one is true why am I getting bombarded with muller adverts and what have I been watching. ( Assuming they are targeting women!).

Well I am currently enthralled by Drew Pritchard and Salvage Hunters on Quest!
Grand Designs, Auction/bargain shows and comedy all rolled into one.

Maybe some other odd blokey shows on Quest.
Chasing Classic Cars
Sport on ITV 4

Definitely not a plethora of shows or channels preferred by female viewers.

So if number 1 is not true number 3 must be.

So while we are here, on the subject of Muller. As all of you thousands of readers of my blog are aware I like creativity in Advertising and Marketing.

I am a disciple of Dave Trott and Predatory Thinking

So what do you suppose is the thinking behind the ongoing theme that some chap has to have an accident or mishap or make a fool of himself in every advert.

I wonder if they would get away with it if it were the other way around and a woman was on the receiving end?

Equally weird muller pud corner with Chocolatey Balls!

I would love to see the brief.

Average family having outdoor meal. Celebrity plays pat a cake with child.( of course they do) cut to family at table and celebrity pulls cloth off and trashes table and meal, family all laugh!

Can you imagine that happening. In my experience most mums would go mental and start crying into large glass of wine and say the day is ruined but hey this is advertising right.
It must be working! I’ll check the sales of Muller Puds and get back to you.

It was probably funny the first time but as I have now seen it about 100 times I am close to throwing a Pud Corner through the TV. ( and no I haven’t bought one so the advertising is not working on me it was metaphorical).




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English male. Still with all my own hair intact and full set of teeth. Not sure about full set of marbles though.
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