Reply to Zaid from the Campaign article

Zaid hi

Thanks for replying.

My comment about “here we go again” came about because your opening paragraphs including the IPA survey suggested this was going to be an article based on the usual intellectual supposition angle rather than one from genuine research.

All the IPA survey has done is look at numbers in the system as a snapshot and then make an issue about Diversity without looking more deeply as to why, it doesn’t, in my opinion, get to the route of the issue which is:

Do people from diverse backgrounds actually want to be in the industry in the first place?

Are the people who currently make up the “non” diverse numbers in the industry leaving the industry to allow for more people from “Diverse” backgrounds to join.

Why does Diverse only mean ethnicity?

I read what you wrote again following your comment and in point 4 you obviously cover the issue of whether people from a BAME background even want to join but then you make assumptions that everyone in the industry should be graduates.

I would argue that what the industry is lacking is people who are non graduates and that is what is killing the industry.

But back to point 2 most people who have joined the industry to build a career are not going to want to leave or resign anytime soon so for the IPA to complete a survey and then insist we increase quotas does not to my mind answer the problem.

Also IF at 87% it roughly reflects the UK’s general population then what is all the fuss about anyway.

As I mentioned before it feels like starting an argument for the sake of it and not offering any solutions or discussing the facts. Are people from diverse backgrounds actually applying to be in the industry and in what numbers.

I think to discuss the Diversity issue lets drop the Graduate requirement for candidates and make it an open policy where people from all walks of life can apply. Which in my opinion will find many more creative and smart individuals who have not been brainwashed by Academia to follow the same patterns as everyone else.






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