Common Sense in Trousers! who would have thought?

You know how I go on about common sense being an oxymoron these days and how much I love the application of common sense in the real world.

Finally we have Spoke, that’s not bad English or grammar I mean Spoke London the menswear company.

Not only doing things in what seems a fabulously simple and obvious way but doing it locally too. I love that.

I know people harp on about finding solutions to problems or how new digital start ups are disrupting the industry but often these companies are providing a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, in my opinion.

Spoke have understood the real problem in menswear and are solving it and I am soon to be a customer.

You can read a great Q & A on the Holborn mag with founder Ben Farren.



About commonsenseandadvertising

English male. Still with all my own hair intact and full set of teeth. Not sure about full set of marbles though.
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