The Art of Sound

Great work from Spark 44 for Jaguar F Type.

The test.

and then the finished piece.

Great work from Nick Hearne and the Team at Spark 44.

I won’t go into detail about how important Cymatics is to the Human race and in fact the universe I will save that for another time.

Suffice to say just genius for the agency to bring this to the public in such a great way.


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Common Sense in Trousers! who would have thought?

You know how I go on about common sense being an oxymoron these days and how much I love the application of common sense in the real world.

Finally we have Spoke, that’s not bad English or grammar I mean Spoke London the menswear company.

Not only doing things in what seems a fabulously simple and obvious way but doing it locally too. I love that.

I know people harp on about finding solutions to problems or how new digital start ups are disrupting the industry but often these companies are providing a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, in my opinion.

Spoke have understood the real problem in menswear and are solving it and I am soon to be a customer.

You can read a great Q & A on the Holborn mag with founder Ben Farren.


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Vive Le Bantz – the genius of Lucky Generals

I’ve been quiet for a while but I’ve got my funk back and mostly because of the fabulous people down at Lucky Generals and Paddy Power.

I’ve always liked the Paddy Power adverts but this one I just had to post, I love it.

Creative Agency : Lucky Generals
Director : Peter Cattaneo
Production Company : Academy Films

The guys at Lucky Generals are also responsible for the excellent recent Pot Noodle advert amongst others.

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Reply to Zaid from the Campaign article

Zaid hi

Thanks for replying.

My comment about “here we go again” came about because your opening paragraphs including the IPA survey suggested this was going to be an article based on the usual intellectual supposition angle rather than one from genuine research.

All the IPA survey has done is look at numbers in the system as a snapshot and then make an issue about Diversity without looking more deeply as to why, it doesn’t, in my opinion, get to the route of the issue which is:

Do people from diverse backgrounds actually want to be in the industry in the first place?

Are the people who currently make up the “non” diverse numbers in the industry leaving the industry to allow for more people from “Diverse” backgrounds to join.

Why does Diverse only mean ethnicity?

I read what you wrote again following your comment and in point 4 you obviously cover the issue of whether people from a BAME background even want to join but then you make assumptions that everyone in the industry should be graduates.

I would argue that what the industry is lacking is people who are non graduates and that is what is killing the industry.

But back to point 2 most people who have joined the industry to build a career are not going to want to leave or resign anytime soon so for the IPA to complete a survey and then insist we increase quotas does not to my mind answer the problem.

Also IF at 87% it roughly reflects the UK’s general population then what is all the fuss about anyway.

As I mentioned before it feels like starting an argument for the sake of it and not offering any solutions or discussing the facts. Are people from diverse backgrounds actually applying to be in the industry and in what numbers.

I think to discuss the Diversity issue lets drop the Graduate requirement for candidates and make it an open policy where people from all walks of life can apply. Which in my opinion will find many more creative and smart individuals who have not been brainwashed by Academia to follow the same patterns as everyone else.





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A letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark

Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your daughter. I also hope the World will be a better place for her to live and will contribute what I can to make that happen for her and all our children.

I just want to raise some responses to some of your points however.

This is your first paragraph.

While headlines often focus on what’s wrong, in many ways the world is getting better. Health is improving. Poverty is shrinking. Knowledge is growing. People are connecting. Technological progress in every field means your life should be dramatically better than ours today.

You say health is improving but I would disagree.
I think healthcare or our understanding of healthcare is improving but not health per se. Nearly every family now knows someone either in their family or friends who have some form of cancer.
Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are on the increase as is mental health generally. More than 10% of adults in the UK are taking anti depressants. Also I believe anti depressants are the largest selling drug in the US.

You say poverty is shrinking.
We seem to have more homeless people and others living below the poverty line than at any time in our history. More people using foodbanks. Not to mention the huge amounts of refugees in Europe displaced by our actions. I think the poverty gap is actually increasing.

Knowledge is growing but the use of it isn’t. The idea of common sense has gone and I am not sure if people know the meaning of courtesy any more. It feels like the more we learn the less people want to know. I doubt anyone could name a scientist alive now but could name a dozen ”Celebrities” there is a reality TV character who is celebrated on television in England who wears a watch but can’t tell the time!

People are connecting online but not in person.
People send people friend requests on Facebook but ignore them in the street? ( Personal experience) What’s the point of that and how did that happen?

Technology , in my opinion, is disconnecting people from each other and from their surroundings. People have their faces stuck in a screen instead of embracing the real world.

We have created a generation of Crane neck Kids.

Whole families who do not converse with each other any more but are all obsessed by their personal screen.

Technological progress is automating every possible process to replace humans and in the case of industry and business if these humans aren’t working then there will be a massive irony that the technological progress to streamline their business to be more profitable to produce products that the very humans that they are aimed at will not have the income to buy.

That covered the first few paragraphs of your letter more to follow.

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Clever clip to stop Ad Skipping on You Tube for Medibank

I love clever ideas.

I also admire the people behind brands, or people at the brand’s agency , who can make a clever connection between something not obviously related to the brand and create a piece of work that is smart and engaging.

When we were running DBM we were constantly asked to come up with media “firsts” so when you do get one it makes it all the more appealing.

This is from an Australian Health Insurance company Medibank and their agency Whybin TBWA Melbourne.

The idea is that 94% of people apparently skip ads when they can and they used that to great effect.

When you click to Skip the young lady skips faster.





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Has Behavioural Targetting(cookies) been implemented on Digital TV?

If this is old news I apologise it is news to me? I know Sky has very clever targeting but Freeview?

One of three things has happened.

  • Cookies or behavioural targeting has been implemented on Digital TV
  • I am watching too much TV
  • Muller ( pud corners and muller light ) have bought a spot in every fecking programme on Digital TV

Excuse my language but it had to be said.

Number 2 is not true unless 1.5 hours is too much.

Number 3 is possible !

Which leaves the big question, I can hear you asking, if number one is true why am I getting bombarded with muller adverts and what have I been watching. ( Assuming they are targeting women!).

Well I am currently enthralled by Drew Pritchard and Salvage Hunters on Quest!
Grand Designs, Auction/bargain shows and comedy all rolled into one.

Maybe some other odd blokey shows on Quest.
Chasing Classic Cars
Sport on ITV 4

Definitely not a plethora of shows or channels preferred by female viewers.

So if number 1 is not true number 3 must be.

So while we are here, on the subject of Muller. As all of you thousands of readers of my blog are aware I like creativity in Advertising and Marketing.

I am a disciple of Dave Trott and Predatory Thinking

So what do you suppose is the thinking behind the ongoing theme that some chap has to have an accident or mishap or make a fool of himself in every advert.

I wonder if they would get away with it if it were the other way around and a woman was on the receiving end?

Equally weird muller pud corner with Chocolatey Balls!

I would love to see the brief.

Average family having outdoor meal. Celebrity plays pat a cake with child.( of course they do) cut to family at table and celebrity pulls cloth off and trashes table and meal, family all laugh!

Can you imagine that happening. In my experience most mums would go mental and start crying into large glass of wine and say the day is ruined but hey this is advertising right.
It must be working! I’ll check the sales of Muller Puds and get back to you.

It was probably funny the first time but as I have now seen it about 100 times I am close to throwing a Pud Corner through the TV. ( and no I haven’t bought one so the advertising is not working on me it was metaphorical).



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